Accurate Parts Mfg Co is rapidly becoming recognized throughout Europe and United States as a premier contract manufacturer of precision casting and forgings as a complete parts manufacturer for many different industries.

Accurate is to always have the customer best interest at all times, period. Our unique processing of all orders and our outstanding customer service is unlike any other which has made us as successful as we are today Whether orders are for 10 pcs or 1,000,000 pcs,we will take orders and complete them from start to finish that also includes stocking finished parts in our facility warehouse and deliver products to you based on your delivery schedules. We are unique because of our flexibility and our facility in the USA, this allows us to offer high quality service worldwide.

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Why Choose Us?

  1. Advanced Engineering
  2. Quality Control
  3. State of the Art Technology
  4. ISO Certified
  5. On time Delivery
  6. Inventory Management

Our Facility

We are a full service manufacturing company with many capabilities here in the USA ...

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Our Product Line

Accurate Parts has produced all different type of parts with good quality and competitive price for many years ...

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Our Capability

We are equipped with high end technology to exceed our customers needs and demand ...

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